Do Kids Benefit from Homework?

Mar 11, 2021 Uncategorized

Do Kids Benefit from Homework?

We all know how hot the debates around homework can get, right? Well, as contentious as it may turn out to be, the subject is all out garnering both supporters and non-supporters. Teachers, parents, students, and third-party education entities are always on each other’s neck regarding the issue. 

These arguments prompted the adoption of the famous 10 minutes homework regulation. However, this particular standard isn’t quite enough to justify whether homework has any benefits. To help bring sanity to all this mess, this article provides you with a critical analysis of the main advantages and disadvantages of homework.

Buckle up and let’s dive right in.


  • Does it really improve grades?

Research shows that homework seems to boost student achievement in school. One study indicated that students who consistently worked on 30-minute homework assignments every day recorded a 40-point increase in their SAT math scores. Another study claims that homework improves class attendance in colleges and helps high school boys increase their overall GPA.

  • Is it good for alternative learning?

Since practice makes perfect, homework assignments enable students to use this time trying to memorize what was learned in school. May use the opportunity to recall and apply different concepts on their own. By doing so, almost 50% of the students who regularly work on their homework, retain at least half of what was taught, add about 20% of new knowledge, and practice alternative skills such as accountability.

  • A way to monitor student progress?

I know that we are all worried about our children’s future. Ow! At least for those who already have kids. We would want nothing but the best for them, right? But since we have to put food on the table first, our lives become busier as we work to earn a living. We rarely have the time to spend with them when we get back home. However, homework assignments give us the chance to interact and evaluate their academic strengths and weaknesses.


  • The question of safety

Too much of something is indeed poisonous and so is too much homework. This is something that the sages cautioned a very long time ago. In a world where we prioritize excellence, we often forget or choose to ignore standard regulation and choose to overdo things. According to recent studies, students are seemingly getting more homework than before. To make matters worse, this new realization is now proved to be hurting their health as well as social life. one survey actually deems homework to be unsafe.

  • The question of equality

As time goes by, homework too evolves and becomes more diverse. I mean that students today are exposed to a great deal more homework than before. As one advances through the academic ladder, the more homework you’ll have to tackle. Despite this wide diversity, one needs some basic tools and resources to finish their nightly quarter successfully. Sadly, not all students are privileged to access some of these resources. This inequality puts those from low-income families at risk.

The above-discussed points are just but a glimpse to help you determine if homework has any benefits. Consider the information carefully and let us know your opinion on this subject.

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