Online Learning

Online Learning

Benefits and Drawbacks of Online Learning


The most used them during the pandemic was the New Normal. In academic terms, the New Normal was used to refer to the new online tools of learning. The pandemic triggered people to learn new ways of learning online worldwide. It has become a necessary resource to embrace digital learning as we get first with these new transformations. Check some of the advantages and disadvantages of online learning below.

Advantages of online learning

  • Organized learning

The platforms for online learning have offered teachers and a new way to teach the students. With the introduction of several tools like podcasts, videos, and PDFs, instructors can plan their days and lessons. Search tools have enabled the teachers to become more proficient educators.

  • Time and place accessibility

Another main advantage online education has brought to the limelight is that it now allows students to attend lectures and classes from any corner of the world and at any place of their choice. The institutions can also reach a wide range of students, aside from being restricted by geography boundaries. To make matters even more pronounced, students can record and share online lectures for their future use. Access the material at any time of the day.

  • Manageability

Online learning has reduced the financial cost of learning by-far. Students who take online classes have found education to be much affordable compared to on-campus learning. Online learning eliminates all the student’s expenses in terms of meals, transportation, and accommodation. All the material that the student needs are online, which translates to a paperless learning environment that is also more affordable and beneficial.

  • Bolstered attendance

Ever seen online classes got rolled out, students realize that they can learn from anywhere at any location of their choice, and therefore, most of them no reason to miss out on classes or lectures.

  • Online learning covers a wide range of learning styles

Different students have different learning techniques or journeys. Some students learn visually, while others prefer to listen to the audio. On the other hand, some students find learning comfortable in the classroom, and others tend to love learning by themselves because they hate distractions from large groups. The online learning system has introduced a wide range of options and various resources that can get personalized in several ways. Just created a perfect environment for all types of students.

Disadvantages of online learning

  • Losing Focus

One of the main challenges students faces while learning online is the struggle to keep up on the screen for more extended periods. You can as well get easily distracted by other sites and social media in general. The teachers must ensure that their classes are always engaging and create to help students Focus.

  • Technological issues

One major challenge that students face is connectivity with the internet. While most people have got internet in their homes, most towns or cities develop a problem with electricity and the internet. Therefore, that translates to a discontinuity of learning for the student. Many students also fail to afford the necessary tools for learning like computers or tablets, which hinders them from accessing the resources.