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Schoolbird - A School Management System and App

After so much appreciation and demand, we at Schoolbird are now coming up with our own blog in order to keep our subscribers and client base up-to-date with the enhancements in Schoolbird Software, new releases, app improvements, press releases, happy client acquisitions and ofcourse, about all the information related to educational technology in this single space.

With this blog, it is our promise that we provide valuable information to our readership, so that they have important take-backs each time.


What is Schoolbird?

Schoolbird is an all-in-one School Management Software which focuses on digitizing the School processes by bringing them from pen & papers to mobiles & desktops. The idea is to allocate time and energy of teachers, parents, staff and Principal into productive areas, so that they take less time managing & monitoring and focus more on the education & learnings of a child.

Schoolbird was developed keeping in mind two most important influencers in a child’s education : Teachers & Parents
Developed by Aces Skynet Pvt. Ltd., Schoolbird has evolved and ascended throughout the course of 4 years into what we have today as Schoolbird v3.o. It’s been added with more advanced features, integrations and customizations in order to serve our clientele with a power-packed software.


What does Schoolbird entail?

Schoolbird comprises of 12 modules which are further divided into 90+ submodules and sections covering the A-Z of School Management. These 12 modules are:

  1. Front Desk
  2. Students
  3. Academics
  4. Library
  5. Examination
  6. HR-Payroll
  7. Transport
  8. Finance
  9. Inventory
  10. Hostel
  11. Visitors
  12. Event

school management software with admin, finance, inventory, examination, library, transport modules

These modules further allow a user to store, modify and retrieve information related to admission, examination, promotion, fee management, financial accounting, scheduling, attendance management, feedback, library management, placement, inventory, visitor management, LIVE bus tracking, events, security & other utilities. It provides an interactive platform for all the stakeholders of the school in a single software and app.

Schoolbird provides its clients with a desktop software and two dedicated mobile apps – Schoolbird Parent App and Schoolbird Teacher App for convenient access. The data is stored in our cloud servers and is secured with a 7-level encryption.


Schoolbird’s Dashboard – Power-packed with genius analytics

analytics of school management activities

Our dashboard consists of the smart graphs showing the performance of school in various aspects. The graphs can be customized according to the report – bar graph, line graph, histogram etc. They can further be filtered to show data of specific dates only. This helps an administrator, Principal, teacher to have a quick go at the analytics of their concerned department and hence work accordingly.

Say for example, if the attendance of a class is seen to be consecutively low, as depicted by the graph, the student’s parents can be informed about it via the software and teachers can be asked to look into the same. Similarly, if the number of inquiries for student admission are 100, while only 10 of them are converted for a given time period, as depicted by the chart, the Principal can quickly look into the same and work on the loopholes in the admission system. In a similar way finances, fee transactions, leaves, assignments, book issue/return, number of visitors, buses, stock requests etc can be monitored and analyzed for a given time frame.


Visitor Management with Schoolbird

Every school has its corresponding volume of visitors in a day. Keeping in mind various crimes associated with unwanted intrusions in schools lately, and recent kidnappings, we developed a smart visitor management system and embedded it in our software. A mobile or tablet placed at the reception desk uses facial recognition technology to recognize a visitor from the digital frame. It clicks a picture of the visitor, the visitor enters his/her details along with fingerprint and aadhar card authentication, he/she also enters the check-in check-out time and the reason for visiting. This information is further saved on the cloud and whenever the same person visits next time, the information is retrieved and that person is recognized by the system.

Why is this important?

  •  It upgrades the School’s processes. From manually entering a visitor information and maintaining a long register to keep a tab on them, the software records this information on the cloud which can further be accessed any time.
  • It avoids unwanted intrusions in a School by keeping a track of every visitor there is, at a given point of time.
  • The software will recognize the parent’s face whenever they are there to pick their child up in order to avoid false representation and kidnappings.


Why Schoolbird?

We at Schoolbird are consecutively working towards making our technology better and future-ready. Our Developer Team takes customization seriously, and works dedicatedly on a school’s requirement before deploying the final product. Along with this, we aid the school with personal training, how-to videos of each module, webinars and 24×7 customer care so that they have no implementation woes. The software is made to be so simple and user-friendly that no IT person is required, and the teachers & parents can be trained in a day!

We are also providing our potential clients with demo login details so that they can play around the software before making an informed decision. You can register here and we’ll send you the login credentials.

You can follow us on our social profiles to stay in close touch! We are just an email, PM, DM, call away. Keep following our blog to get the most recent updates on schools, technology, opinions, advancements and more!


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