How to Enhance Teaching Quality Using Mobile Apps

Teaching using mobile apps for teachers and students

Mobile Apps and Teachers


Technology will never replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of great teachers is transformational.

Mobile is a device that has become quite omnipresent in today’s age. It has penetrated into almost every aspect of our lives and today we can do things much faster at just a click of our finger. With the android revolution and technology getting smarter, our life today is heavily dependent on apps. If we wish to order food, there is an app, if we want to transfer money, there is an app, if we wish to track our schedules, there is an app. Technology has impacted almost every aspect of our lives and education is no exception.

Today, ways of education are changing and are going to an altogether progressive level in this digital era. The various challenges and hurdles faced by teachers and students in pursuit of education can be very much overcome by smartphone technology. Today with the help of smartphones and tablets, the communication between the whole school eco-system can become way more organised and efficient. With mobile apps influencing our daily lives to such great extent, here are five ways in which mobile apps can influence the quality of teaching:



1. More Interactivity


Teaching using mobile apps for teachers and students - more interactivity


Teachers and students can break free from the four walls of the classrooms and engage with each other everytime the need arises. E-learning has become quite common as usage of digital gadgets has increased tremendously in the last few years. Today almost every child has a mobile phone and a laptop, more than textbooks, they refer to Google when it comes to clearing their doubts. YouTube videos and live webinars have become a common choice for students to understand difficult concepts.

If we go back a decade or so, teachers would take an extra class for students who didn’t understand the concept well. Now imagine if to understand the same concepts today, if a teacher can come online during free time through a mobile app, how much help it will be for students. If teachers and student can communicate through a same mobile app, it opens a whole lot of ways to engage better and take teaching to a whole new level.

A teacher can go live, share notes, and inform better with the help of a mobile app. Similarly, it also gets much easier for students to approach their teachers in case of any doubt during studying. In whole, interactivity becomes a whole lot better with an educational mobile app in your phone.



2. Allocation of Assignments


Teaching using mobile apps for teachers and students - assignments and homework


Assignments and homework are always a pain to handle, both for the teachers and students. It always needs regular follow-ups on the part of teachers to ensure that if the assignments are completed on time or not. On the student front, if they are absent, they may miss out on the assignments allocated and may fail to meet the deadlines. Moreover, the teacher cannot be present 24*7 to guide them in completing the regular assignments and projects.

With the help of a mobile app, assignments could be allocated which would be notified to both students and their parents. In this case, even if the student is absent, he or she will be notified of the assignments given. Even if they miss the notification, the respective teacher can set frequent reminders for both students and their parents about the pending deadline. Moreover, students can also clarify their doubts and seek guidance 24*7 through the mobile app helping them complete the assignments faster. Most schools these days are providing their students with on-the-go doubt clearance with their respective teachers.



3. Managing Classrooms


Teaching using mobile apps for teachers and students - classroom management


Classroom management is one of the most difficult aspects of being a teacher. Managing a classroom [Read: 4 Effective Ways to Manage a Classroom] of more than forty kids is an ordeal and one needs to have specific skill set to pull that off with ease. Now, technology has finally come to the aid of our teachers. With a mobile app, now teachers can manage a classroom more effectively than ever before.

Be it in terms of marking the attendance, maintaining records, putting remarks, or updating the information. Everything can be done with ease. With aid from facial recognition technology, attendance can be marked on just a click via a mobile app. You can mark the attendance of the students from the app itself eliminating the need for long registers. Apps like Schoolbird come in handy when it comes to whole classroom management and student management.



4. Making Lesson Plans


Teaching using mobile apps for teachers and students - ERP software and Apps


Lesson plans are an integral part of teaching today, with two major boards of education,i.e. CBSE and ICSE giving primary importance to lesson planning, it is necessary for every teacher to know how to make effective lesson plans. Lesson plan if said in simple words is an outline of how a teacher will teach a lesson to the students.

With the help of a mobile app making lesson plans become much, easier. Not only can teachers plan the upcoming lessons but also share it on a timely basis with students and their parents. In addition to that, it helps students keep track of the portions taught in class and the portions he or she skipped. Moreover, teachers can always notify a student with the latest lesson schedules and updates on a regular basis. It leads to proper sync and harmony in the classroom as the student and teacher are on the same page while going through a lesson.



5. Better Analytics


Teaching using mobile apps for teachers - better analytics using school mobile application


Peter Drucker once said, what cannot be measured, cannot be improved. Having a mobile app equips teachers and parents with better analytics to track the performance of their kids. Assessing the students is of utmost importance as it helps in highlighting the areas they excel and the areas where they falter.

Mobile apps help with easy access to data and give detailed analytics reports of students from time to time giving precise insights about their performance. These assessment reports help teachers in understanding the needs of students, how well are they responding to lessons taught, what kind of doubts do they have, and if required specific topics can be taught and explained again as per the needs of the students.


So, using mobile apps not only increases interactivity between teachers and students but it also saves a great deal of time from the redundant processes. Moreover, managing classrooms becomes a lot easier with less paperwork. Thanks to technology, teachers can come up with better lesson plans and measuring the performance of students becomes super-easy with brilliant analytics.



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