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Five Simple Tips To Hire The Best Teacher For Your School

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For a building to be strong, it needs to have a strong foundation. Similarly, for a school to stand tall and set an excellent mark in the field of education, it needs to have a strong foundation. Teachers are the foundation of a school, and when you have good teachers on your team, the education you provide would be top notch. The most important objective to focus is what are your exact needs from a teacher and what are your long-term goals. In short, you need to know why you are doing what you are doing.

In the digital era, it is a must that teachers have a knack for technology and must know how to use it properly for the welfare of students. If you are a school using school management software and online learning platform or even a concept of smart class, it becomes all the more necessary for the teacher to have a good digital IQ and technological wisdom. When you hire teachers for your school, you may at times be confused on how to find the best for your school. We will help you out in this quest, here we list down five tips to hire the best teacher for your school.


1. Know your goals

tips to hire the best teacher for your school - know your goals

As stated in the first paragraph, you must know your hiring goals before hiring a teacher. What are your expectations, your long-term plan, and how do you see teachers contributing to the mission and vision of the school. Never go out in search for a teacher on the basis of assumptions and pre-determined qualities like knowledge of the subject and professional experience. Be more specific, and focus on attributes like emotional intelligence, pedagogical skills, and tech-savviness. When you focus on such qualities, it becomes easier for you to build relevant questions and be better prepared for taking an interview.



2.Employ modern technology

how to hire the best teacher for your school - employ modern technology

When you have to hire the best teachers for your school, not only you have to go through a big pool, but you also need to be faster and quicker in making decisions. To do that, use a school management software with the help of which you can review applications from candidates smoothly and without any hurdles.

With the help of school management software, you can collect all the candidate details in one place and analyse every candidate on the basis of that. You can also schedule the demo lecture and enter the remarks for the candidate for future reference. Once you are done, you can change the status of their application based on their acceptance or rejection for the next round of interview. It not only saves the time of the school administration but reduces paperwork to a great extent thereby reducing human errs in the process.



3. Prioritize personality first

tips to hire the best teacher for your school - prioritize personality

Many times we focus on what is written on paper, and many times professional experience is given way too much importance. We don’t deny that experience doesn’t matter, what we are trying to say is it doesn’t matter if the candidate doesn’t have any teaching experience. Experience will come with time and abilities can be learned, there is one thing that doesn’t come easy, and it has an amazing personality. You can put your trust in us when we say, a person with all the qualifications in the world but bad personality will do more harm to your school than good. Having a good personality is one of the most primary attributes to be a successful teacher. You need to observe if the candidate has the right work ethic, pleasant smile, attention to detail, and the dedication to do the job honestly. If they have these qualities, hire them right away because abilities can be earned with proper training.



4. Evaluate their skills

how to hire the best teacher for your school - evaluate their skills

Now, being a teacher comes with the need of possessing a plethora of skills. To find the best teachers for your school, you need to evaluate their skills to gain a proper understanding of where they stand and what can they do for your organisation. When we talk about skills, we are talking about both the soft and hard skills.

Start by evaluating their soft skills; it is the behavior of a particular person and how they manage tough situations. Check how well they are managing a classroom and what kind of strategies do they have in mind to make classroom management better. Also, go in depth to understand how will they deal with different kind of students in the classroom. Every student is different and to deal with them is a tough task, so analyse on how well a candidate can do that and if they have better instructional strategies for the same.

Once the soft skills are evaluated, analyse their hard skills. With hard skills, we mean the technical aspect of teaching like writing skills, knowledge of the subject and curriculum, and analytical skills.



5. Have a good network

how to hire the best teacher for your school - good network

When you are running a school, you must have an excellent social media presence. Today, with social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram highlighting the importance of networking, one must learn a thing or two about it. Building a strong network and community of like-minded people from the education industry, be it Principals, administrators, teachers, coaches help a lot during the hiring process. Many times you can get a good teacher for your school from your list of connections on LinkedIn. Today with the boom of social media, there are endless opportunities and people are out there to grab it. When you have a huge network, you can always have an eye on references and potential candidates.

Hiring the best people from the industry is one of the primary ingredients to ensure the success of an organisation. Moreover, if the organisation is a school, it needs to be more careful with its hiring process as it is dealing with the future of the nation. Educating children is a noble deed and an enormous task, so only the ones who are firmly committed to the cause must be hired. So, if you want to hire the best teachers for your school, we are pretty sure the five tips shared above can be highly beneficial for you.



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