7 Reasons To Digitize Your School Today

7 reasons to digitize schools - use School management system Schoolbird

What is digitization?

“Digitization has created opportunities for everybody to accumulate information in a way they were never able to, and analyze it with the speed that just wasn’t there”

Digitization is the new Industrialization, a trending term describing the 21st century in the most precise manner as possible. We are in the era where unprecedented ideas are unfolding in our education industry and creating the advancement that can’t be matched by lagging behind in terms of technology.

Branching out in every possible sector there is, digitization has been widely adopted and accepted in the education sector. However, some institutes still fail to understand the growing need of it or are confused on how to move forward with it.

This blog enunciates on the benefits of digitization and why is it important. We will soon feature a blog-post wherein we’ll explain how to move forward with digitization and where to start, with every detail that’s needed. There are a plethora of benefits when it comes to opting for a tech-forward approach for your institute. These are:



1. Bridging The Generation Gap


7 reasons to digitize schools - bridging the generation gap


As we know today’s generation is the most advanced in terms of technology, and with the coming times and coming generations this is only going to increase. If the schools don’t adopt to digitize today, they definitely will HAVE TO in the coming times. It is THE need of the hour. In order to stay up-to-date with the modern trends, it is the only way to stay on the same page and walk hand-in-hand with the millennial.



2. Data Driven Decisions


7 reasons to digitize schools - data driven decisions


There are n number of processes running at a point of time in any organization. Talking about schools, there are plethora of departments operating at different levels on an everyday basis. The data of every department is in their respective paperwork. How will a person find out what is going on in any concerned department? Technology comes into the picture here.

A person can upload the data online, process it, analyze it and come up with the best solutions – the loopholes, the profit points, etc in the system. It helps in making informed data-driven decisions, ultimately saving resources and helping in better allocation of them.



3. Better Customer Experience


7 reasons to digitize schools - better customer experience using technology


We don’t deny that pen and paper have lost their significance. They sure give a personal touch and feel to the entire process, but when it comes to serving customers, technology can be used in a really creative way. Consider a typical day—you likely check the weather on Google before you leave the house, you read your news on the smartphone app, pay your bills online, and call an Uber from your phone. You may also order groceries from your mobile and navigate to work by asking Siri/Google. Although we don’t normally call these things customer technology, that is exactly what they are. Every interaction is a chance for brands to learn more about customers and for customers to simplify and improve their lives with technology.

As an institute head, you have n number of stakeholders including parents and guardians of students. Using technology as a means to interact can really enhance their experience with you and can reduce your burden further.



4. Easier to Reach Out to Potential Customers


7 reasons to digitize schools - reach out potential cutomers


Before the digital revolution per say, reaching customers was limited to on-ground activities. Marketing via hoardings, newspapers and in-person meetings was the norm.

But today, things have changed drastically. Technology is helping people target a narrowed audience. This not only helps with targeting people from YOUR niche but it also helps with better allocation of resources. Not everyone can afford TV Ads or banners on huge hoardings, online ads are the way to go!



5. Better Monitoring


7 reasons to digitize schools - better monitoring


Talking about our pen-paper schooling and classrooms, the only way to track a child’s progress is via his grades and report cards. However, there is no ultimate way to find out about a child’s track record without having to search for the relevant files.

When you opt for a digital technology, owing to its cloud servers and ability to smartly analyse the data, monitoring of child becomes a lot more easier. It becomes convenient and time saving when you have to fetch any data of a student (or of your employee) and monitor their performance.



6. Accessibility


7 reasons to digitize schools - accessibility


Thanks to cloud servers and the syncing, just like your Facebook and Whatsapp, your school account can also be synced and accessed anywhere. You don’t need to be in the school premises to update marks/attendance/ assignments or any relevant data. You can simply login from your mobile app and access the data.

School management software and e-learning classrooms are on a boom these days owing to their cross-platform technologies and accessibility.



7. Contributing to The Environment


7 reasons to digitize schools - save environment


Year 2018 has witnessed major natural disasters all around the globe. The human race witnessed hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes and floods on a major level. What caused this? Human interference with the environment. Studies show that, even if even one school adopts a no-paper approach, it can save upto 250,000 pieces of paper per year. Significantly reducing paper use is probably the most important part of curbing deforestation and the environmental havoc wreaked by paper production. If one school can save all this paper by opting for technology, imagine what change can 100, 1000, 10000 schools bring? Technology is the only viable replacement. Let us save our environment for our kids and grandkids.


These were some crucial reasons as to why institutions need to set an example and move towards digitization. School management software and certain mobile apps can help to bridge the technological gap. These technologies are available at affordable pricing considering the competitive market.

Digitize today! What’s the harm, anyway?

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