6 Must Read Books for Every Teacher

must read books for teachers - by Schoolbird

Books have been the most significant source of enlightenment since time immemorial. It doesn’t matter if you have just started your teaching career or a veteran in this field, reading books can take your intellect to a whole new level. Knowledge is power and reading books can give you experiences worth sharing with your students. Being a teacher, you will always have too much work on your plate but finding the time to read will not only benefit you, but also your students.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “If I had six hours to chop a tree, I would spend the first four hours sharpening my axe.”

Lincoln was an avid reader, and no matter how busy he would be, he will always find time to read books. Being a teacher, you need to find time to sharpen your axe so that you always are in top-notch form before your students. Here we list down six must read books for every teacher:



1. The First Days Of School

This book is written by education experts Harry K. and Rosemary T. Wong and is the best selling book ever on classroom management and teaching for students. It has sold more than 3.3 million copies till now and is already in its fourth edition. Deeply respected by teachers, educators, and veterans across the globe, this book lets us walk through some of the best strategies for classroom management and organizations.

The strategies described in the book can be applied to students of any grade, from pre-school to high school.

As the title suggests, it talks about the first days in the school of a teacher, and it stresses on the concept that, the methods adopted by a teacher in the early days in school will determine there success or failure as a teacher. This book can not only guide a new teacher but can also help veterans learn a few tricks to manage their students better.

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2. How To Win Friends And Influence People

You must have surely heard of this book written by Dale Carnegie as it is one of the most sought-after self-help books. It has till now sold more than 15 million copies worldwide since being published in the year 1936. In 2011, it was on no. 19 on the list of top 100 influential books.

It doesn’t make a difference whether you are teaching a five-year-old or twenty years old learner, the basic premise of teaching is, it is a people’s profession, and you need to learn how to deal with them. This book will enhance your self-confidence, develop your leadership skills, and make you efficient in managing stress making you a better teacher in the process.

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3. Teach Like Your Hair’s On Fire

One teacher can impact the lives of so many children. Teach like your hair’s on fire, this New York Times bestseller tells the story of Rafe Esquith who is a fifth-grade teacher at Hobart Elementary School in central Los Angeles. The place where he teaches is one of the poorest school districts in the country.

Through this book, Esquith shares the methods and strategies he used to overcome his professional challenges and how he developed trust, passion, and respect for education among his students. Not only did these techniques earn him rewards and recognition across the globe but also helped his students fulfill their expectations and succeed in life.

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4. The Hidden Life Of Learners

Penned down by Graham Nuthall, The hidden life of learners takes you deep into the world of a learner. As a teacher, this is a subject you need to explore, the learning landscape of your students. This book greatly talks about three worlds of student learning, that together shape up his academic life.

As per the author, these worlds are – The public world of the teacher, the highly influential world of peers, and his private world and the experiences he had. This book is the outcome of four years of research by New Zealand Emeritus professor and Graham Nuthall. What makes this book a masterpiece is a discovery of the groundbreaking fact of how low ability students can learn like high-ability students.

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5. Van Gogh: The Life

Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith author The Life – This book, it talks about the life story of the legendary painter- Van Gogh. When you read the book, you realize how his genius was also responsible for the downfall. His constant need for mother’s love, tragic love life, phases of depression and mental illness, were a consistent muse in the paintings he made.

The writers got access to the personal life of Van Gogh working in full cooperation with the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, Naifeh, and Smith. It helped in getting a significant understanding of the life of Van Gogh who today is an immortal legend in the eyes of art lovers. Why we suggest reading this book is when you understand the sufferings Van Gogh went through, it becomes easier for you to understand the pain points of your students. You get a deeper understanding on the problems your students have and what they must be going through, hence developing you into a better, refined, and empathetic teacher.

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6. The Last Lecture

The Last Lecture is a book co-authored by Randy Pausch -a professor of computer science, and Jeffrey Zaslow of The Wall Street Journal. It is a New York Times best-selling book and was published on April 8, 2008. When you read this book, it will make you realize; the brick walls are there for some reason. The author lets you understand the value of dreams exploring his life from childhood to adulthood. The most important lesson the author gives through this book, how to live to the fullest with humor and humility before we close our eyes permanently.

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We have carefully selected these six books for you keeping in mind your mental and emotional growth as a teacher. A teacher should always be an evergreen learner ready to explore new books, concepts, and subjects. The reason is our professional prosperity lies in constant upgrading, learning new skills so that we always remain on top and always have something new to share with our students.



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